today i rode up Switch and down Choss. see pictures below for some pretty sections. Yes, I actually stopped to take pictures this time.

cleaned a lot of things to surprise myself today ... and then completely flailed on some of the easier stuff. funny day. sweaty day, for some reason.

anyone have a cure for Extreme Sleepiness Syndrome!?!? GAH! This is just WRONG.

again, i'm looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and feeling the looming excitement of a FRIDAY MORNING (with a bonus of coffee) ....... heading into a weekend with really deeply wonderfully exciting potential for a really long exploration of brand new-to-us trail with awesome, awesome people....




Ed said...

jj - a hint for curing ESS, stop getting up at 4:45am with your stoopid boyfriend ;-)


JenyJo said...

we've been getting up at 445!?!!? WTF!!!! that explains it!!! no wonder you keep the clocks ahead by so much. it's a trick!



Anonymous said...

4:45am - that's the best time to hit the trails in "EverWood" - less moving obstacles to dodge, I mean yield too.