mf'ers | a photo essay

You know... sometimes you just have to breathe in, and breathe out, and  be grateful for your seriously fucking amazing friends ...

Michelle mf'er. muse.


You know...

photo by Michelle

for not only being simply WHO they are...

but how they are.

Having friends so pure...

can, often, set you free.

photo by Michelle

photo by Michelle


photo by Michelle

photo by Michelle

photo by Michelle

photo by Michelle

photo by Michelle
Yes, Kelly, we've decided to make you an honorary GoGoPussycat. We had fun bunny hopping ... and it was fun to ride ponies with you in the sunset!

photo by Michelle

Thank you, gogopussycats. For all that awesome crazy.



fabian said...

Now that's a real trail.

kmm said...

Great running into you out there! Thanks for the bike handling lesson, too!


Anonymous said...

JJ! Wow that is SOME m'fer trail with ,m'fer classy friends, perfecto! I need a m'fer butt kicking, I'm falling way off the single track! Miff '-x

Colin M said...

Nice JJ. Up Apex on the single speed full suspension. Glad to see Kelly is out crushing the trails already. Love seeing how you girls are laughing and talking while riding technical spots.

Anonymous said...
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Cat said...

I just love seeing pictures of you ladies ripping up that techy stuff. It inspires me.....just wish I had some of you nearby to push me. Come visit!