Megamagic day 2: the dirt date continues

Not that anyone is following along....


Day 2 started with a bunch of hooooooooplahhhhhEnergy!

LW, DH, Ed and I parked at the bottom of the hill,

and rode up to GUAC to meet up with the UberFab Kenny and Heather combo (and their uber giggly friends)! BOOYEAHHH!!!

I woke up a bit over-excited. Again. And the rest of the crew were calm as cupcakes. Go figure. The SS had lit a bit of a megafire and I was very anxious to see how she rolled in a bit more tech. Even rolly Tech. Which is what GUAC turned out to be.


As usual, it took me a while to settle down, and quiet down. I tried. I tried REALLY hard to just shut up. Be calm. Be THE QUIET ONE.

That just didn't work at all.

So I just did what I usually do: get ruckus with the rocks. Well not really ruckus. More like FlowRuckus.

I'm pretty sure I offended a few of Heather and Kenny's friends. Sorry about that.

Heather got a little ruckus, too.

Here, Kenny is trying to keep Heather from seeing the uberfantastical x 10000000000 view to her right. He wanted to make sure the focus was where it needed to be.

We had a large group to start. Then in dwindled to 6 of us. I think we scared off Kenny and Heather's friends when we started throwing the bottle of Tequila AT one another. Maybe. Regardless.... Can you find the bottle of Tequila in this pic?

Here, Kenny is asking Heather: "what on EARTH did you do to your knee, honey? if i poke on that big, bulging bloody knee of yours, will you punch me out?" Heather is saying: "If you kiss it i WON'T punch you out."

Anyway. Once we had a bit of lunch and watched the Men Drink Drinks.... The flow changed. And I was wayOK that.

We ended the day with BIG rolly eyes for big UberRollyTechyFlowyFunTrailBiss.

So we did what any smart group of uberbunnies would do. We went and fed our faces.

You know... so we could prepare for the NEXT UberRollyTechyFlowyFunTrailBiss the next day.


Oh. And yeah: the dirt date was HAWT. SaSSafraSS and I got along juuuuuuussssttttt fine. 

More to come!!!



Buzz said...

@#$k! I want that trail!! I'm going there. Someday. Unrequited desert LOVE.


Damn you Jeny!



Carey said...

following..looks like awesomeness to me..would love to ride some dirt and rock with ya this year..fingers crossed.

The Evil MGE! said...

Looks awesome!!

Funny you mention offending someone's friends as I remember my blog getting removed from a certain someone's list for offending a certain someone. ;)


ssportsman said...

Day 2 Magic may have been even more impressive than day 1 magic, and I didn't think that would be possible..

ROFLMAO (at my desk which is not good) "Be Calm. Be the QUIET ONE".. owwww it hurts to try holding in that kind of laughter

btw, save a weekend in early October to join us low landers for some rides in Moab

Juancho said...

Pick me up on the way there Buzz!