rock candy for breakfast

sometimes, it takes a little 'extra-sumthin'' to wake up in the morning.

thurs morning, it took a hearty meal of rock candy to snap out of sleepy-head mode, and into I'M AWAKE AND READY FOR LIFE mode!

nothing like heading out with a tech goddess to get the schoolin' goin'.

Thanks, Liz. for another masterful morning ;-)

and last, for GIGGLES, lizzzz caught a quick clip of me dropping the zorro staircase. such fun.

it's friday. i hope everyone's got a hearty set of play plans for the weekend!!!



liz said...

Awesome! Fearless! You inspired me to ride them again. Next week...we session....after work.

Carey said...

Fun, fun..you are more wakeful than I am in the AM.
I show up for the afternoon delight, LUV the gnar, lookin good JJ!

Anonymous said...

Style and grace! I love #5 in the sequence. Check out the body position and the torque!.... knee BEHIND the seatpost...!!!

@#$kin' INSPIRATIONAL!! Oh yes indeed!


Happy Weekend!


JenyJo said...

LIZZZ!! heck ya. you name the day.

carey... ;-)

buzza: i think i'm going to take that pic down. that is just ridiculous looking, actually ... LOL!!!!


thanks for stoppin' by!!


Anonymous said...

Naaaahhh don't do it!!..look at it close:

It's like bull riding...instead of 'falling in the well' to the inside(which is my big *downfall*...and one that put me over the bars (as crazy as it sounds) on the third of the three big switches at Thunder mountain).. it looks to me that your rotating the bike around your combined center to make the transition..pure Zen flow....CENTER of GRAVITY.


I may be wrong but I was INSPIRED and went out in the parking lot this afternoon and tried it on this little tight four step down deal that is a 90 degrees tight turn off the side sidewalk at the shop..it worked!

As far as I can tell there are only two GUYs on your blog list that can ride tech at the level of you and the Spacegals...ED and Big Wheel Building Mike( he's #$%kin' awesome!)..Chris is veeery smooth going down..but heck man he's a fearless freakin' child!! LOL!

I wonder.... if I lose 25 lbs.. can I go back to the flexibility I had when I was ....35??.....25 years ago??!!




TVC15 said...

beautiful shots, and amazing riding you two!

jj: youtube linky no work for me. :(

Anonymous said...

You. Rock and Roll.
No really.

JenyJo said...

miffalicious: come rock and roll with us ;-)

i'll ride a ride for you this week.