reintegration week has been... challenging. at best. i've taken a little time off the bike. (mistake?) work has been the focus. (another mistake?) it's so ... not like riding bikes all big every single day.

but alas. we must. and we must. so we do.

this is kinda what my psychic energy feels like:

boom! poof! sshhhwiwigghlle!

thank goodness for sweet little bunycakes like this to brighten up the world:

world, meet Ella. she is a supataaaahhhh!!!!

that last pic, that was taken on wednesday.

in the pic below, taken today, ella says: "Ed, I SAID NO PAPARAZZIIII!!!!"

she sure is a sweet cakes. we went on a hike today, after my ridiculous ride.

we saw a world of beautiful things

but stellah ella ....

she is the most beautiful, by far.

thanks sissypie, for sharing your beautiful baby bunny with us today!



Anonymous said...

Hmmmm I *hear you* from way over here..... reintergration.....regeneration.....revitalisation, yes there is a lot of *(insert type of re____)*tion going on at the moment. But the best bit is....connecTION will always be with single track.
Oh, and your baby bee neice is a vision of wonderfulness and the sweeetest thing my eyes saw today ;-)
Miff ;-X

ssportsman said...


Emily and I are working on that whole ride and spend time in the mountains without the necessity of returning to work.. we don't have it completely worked out yet, but we'll let you know when we do

very EXCITED to see you soon