my head has been a mess! i've been psyching myself OUT big time this week.

nothing helps me to de-psych and get all grounded and cracked out (in a positive way) like a ride on dirt, with tons of chop and funk to demand my attention.

i feel infinitely better.

today, i cleared a slightly techy climb i've never cleared... and i did it on the first try, with ice in spots.

here is the entrance to the climb:

and here is the rest of the way up.

in true jeny style, i screamed and hollered at the top of my lungs all the way up to the top. i don't know why or how that happens. it just does.

i hope i can find more of that kind of action tomorrow. i need to rock it up a bit!



Anonymous said...


JenyJo said...

ooorraahh! MY TIRES HELD!!! i did NOT hold back.... i promise.



'e' said...

fuck yeah! you a rock star?

Carey said...

Where is that?
Looks like the south got much less snow and ice then up here..that may change tomorrow though..
Glad you were able to get our and clear your mind..I psyche myself out all the time...

Dave Byers said...

You rock sista'! I want to ride that trail. :)

liz said...

very nice! the saddle and the corner - very hard combo. way to go!

Carney said...


オテモヤン said...
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Sandblogger said...

Impressive! I can't.