... has got what it takes!

yea for the sunday tubeless effort!

(ed gets all credit for these pix, taken with my minicamera).

you are the man, cal!!! thank you SOOOOO much!



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the better world of tubeless
check out the Caffe Latex sealant. It will not crack your rim over time with the amonia that Stan's has in it.It also bubbles better and does not dry out here in CO as fast as Stans does. Nevegals go on the rim easier.bring tube in case of tubeless blowout.you will never ride tubes again ...RSTEVE

Dave Byers said...

Yeah for tubeless...especially in the land of the cacti. :)

Can I hire BooBoo as my crew chief for OP?

JenyJo said...

anon: thanks!

DB: Sure, we'll bring BooBoo and he can take care of all your feeding and bike mechanic needs.... All you have to do is supply him with a nice big couch to claw on and a puffy pillows and a warm heater to sleep on and you'll be set for the whole race.... ;-)

That would be a sight!


Dave Byers said...

JJ - I am sending an email to Epic Rides to amend my team name to Team BooBoo.

Carney said...

Now you can be lazy like me and just ride through spikes and glass....:)