sublime sunday

Something is terribly wrong with my camera (see pix from the previous post). I'm about to give up on picture taking entirely --- and rely on ed's magic lens and talents to supply images for this silly excuse for a blog.


Original ride plans for sunday fell through (all my fault -- sorry girls). However, my failures in that arena allowed for a great and unexpected opportunity to ride with ED, EZ (AGAIN!!!!!!), Chris, and Mikey! We all converged at BC to drag each other around some super-succulent-singletrack.

Photo credit: EDE
  • Ez re-re-re-fell in love with her rigid-SS pony. All I heard from her all day long was: "GOD I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!" (The other thing I heard from her all day was: "Are there any Unicorn cookies left!?!?").
  • Chris was in super form and somehow managed to fly over obstacles that really weren't even there?? WTF is up with creative-catching-air? I MUST learn how to do this. I think I might hit him up for a lesson.
  • And MIKEY --- well... MikeyPoo had the best cornering-form Ed has ever captured on film. Nice way to lay-it-over, Mikey. And nice job fixing the blown-to-pieces brake with athletic tape. That's some crazy skills there ;-)
  • My darling Ed, of course, got to play sprint-ahead and catch-up all day long... so he could get more interval training in... you know, because he really, really likes that kind of thing ;-)

Ed took pix of the day. The rest of us slacked off and just rode the ponies all OCD and junkie like ;-)



Ed said...

BS!! We're getting you a camera!


Dave Byers said...

You both are excellent photographers!
Donuts AND cookies on the same ride? Whoa! Looks like a fabulous day.

Eszter said...

Weeeeeeee! Yay bikes!

I wish I had a unicorn cookie right now!

Gary said...

Donuts and cookies??? You must be feeling all better and, hopefully, eating any and everything? Did PK tell you she's lost 6-7 lbs by eating the diet you are/were on? She looks hawt!

That's a pretty fast crew you're riding with there girl! Yes, please get your camera fixed!

JenyJo said...

Ed, darrlinngg!!!

DB: yes! donuts and unicorn cookies in the same ... 2-hour time-frame!!! fabulouso!!!!

Ez: this weekend ;-)

GAR!! yes, feeling much better, and able to eat again! woohooo!!! i should really, really try and refrain from eating things like donuts and unicorn cookies. but it would seem that i'm making up for lost eating time ;-) i should really try and narrow the diet a bit again. GOOOOOOOO PATTI!!!
Yes, they're a bunch of fast ponies outta hell, i tell you. it's fun trying to keep up ;-) and it's fun showing them a bunch of newer tech stuff in my neck of the woods. too much fun. come join us!


Anonymous said...

rock on you lil buff creek bunny!

ScottM said...

I'm with ED - BS to no camera! Your adoring fans deserve better! :)