I took myself out for a 50 mile, 5000'up, 5 hour ride on my favorite trail in an effort to re-inspire and re-motivate.

However, truth is, most of my motivation came from knowing that I could rendezvous with the CTR racers!!

7:45am, I started at the Buff Creek Ranger Station, as usual, hit Shinglemill, then the ColoTrail up to the top parking lot, then over onto 'top of the world' and headed over to the drop-climb-BigDrop down to the Platte.

I caught them ALL climbing up the trail from the Platte river. The lead racers had crested the summit of that darn hill in just under 3 hours. OUCH. OUUUUCCCCHHH. OWWIE .... Crazy People, I tell you!

This one is for Lynda:

All I said as I saw him flying down then back up the hill was: "CRACKHEADDDDD!!!!".... He just laughed and almost missed the trail as he said: "jj!!!!!!" That was the end of that encounter.

Then... Stefan!!!!

He was lookin' so casual and so not even remotely sweaty ... I had to wonder ;-) He actually wanted to stop and say HI! Sweet man!

Was lucky to see Scott Morris ... the man, the myth, the magical blogger!

Mr. Greg Bachman..... He was sooo mmmeeellloowww and sweet!!!!

Our very own, Dave Nice!

For ALL of the pix, and all but about 5 of the riders, click HERE!

After seeing everyone, and taking pix, I continued to drop all the way down. I crossed the river and climbed up the East side towards Waterton, and blissed my little brain and body out... for a while ;-) I dropped to the Moto-No-No sign and pipes just after the waterfall drop, and turned my sorry ass around.

LOVELY day out on the trail. Good news for me is that it took me 4 hours to hit my tired place instead of 30 minutes. Let's hope today wasn't just a fluke. Or an accident. Or something.



Sonya said...

Awesome! :) It's going to be so fun to watch their progress. I want to do it at some point, but I want to do it with someone. Know anyone I could race it with? :) ;)

TVC15 said...

great to hear!

TVC15 said...

great to hear!

LyndaW said...

oooh thanks for the pic! LOL

Dave Byers said...

Way to re-motivate and re-energize JJ!

JenyJo said...

SL: Anyone? I know of someone -- but you might have to slow down a bit ;-) I'm sure we can find you a suitable partner in crime ;-)

TVC: ;-)))))

LW: i tried getting a better one but we were laughing too hard!!! and he was moving too fast.

DB: whhheee!!! now, if i could just have that sort of mojo EVERY DAY... that would help ;-)



Anonymous said...

Jj, thanks for the good vibes...

BTW - Where's EdE.....

JenyJo said...

EdE was recovering from working his butt off all week!!! He did get out on a similar ride on sunday: we started/ended in the same spot, but he really, really wanted a solo ride --- so he went one way looking for a sprint, and i went the other with big hopes of seeing the ctr crew, and to be out on the colo trail east of the platte.... everyone was happy!!! he got in his 60 mile sprint; i got in my 50 mile speedy pleasure cruise + a bunch of racer pix!


ScottM said...

Super pics! Wish I would have stopped to meet you. Should have known it was you based on the mega energy cheering! I only realized just as I was passing.

Thanks for the cheering, nonetheless!