another year has already rolled by?

Nothing marks the turning of a full years worth of gears than: Cyn's annual Dirt-Crit Awards party!!

How is it that she seems to give awards to people who never even show up to the dirt crits -- not even once? I think she needs to re-name this little get together, because it truly is a Boulder Annual Event, and it truly is the Highlight of August for many cyclists ... we all need a little BUMP in our summer in August, don't we!?!?

True to form, Cyn always throws a wonderful event for the pure sake of her community. I mean, she IS the center of it, isn't she? Who better than to provide a mid-week get together of comic proportions?!

Looking forward to seeing all The People tonight!!!

Cyn ------- you really are a rock-star, you know that?



cynthia said...

i think you need to post a pic of your award...heh...

JenyJo said...

CYN: ohhhhhell YES!!! i will post it as soon as i have a minute this evening ;-)))

you kickass, woman!!! what a wonderful get together last night!