Crack In A Can:

Someone tell me what is in this stuff that ... works?
Someone tell me how many of these am I allowed to drink during one long ride?
And/OR: someone tell me to stop. It's going to kill me, right?

(Coach says this is BIG EVENT stuff only ;0) crack IS crack afterall, no?)

Brain Adjustment Apparatus:

Apparently this little thingy here zaps right straight into the brain and wipes out all the bad/nervous/stressing/tired/negative (if any) JUJU, thus rendering all that wasted energy FAR more useful -- for my legs, and for my shoulders and for CLIMBING!!!!

Who Knew!?!

Lucky for me ... now I do!!!!

The absolute BEST part of that Brain Adjustment Aparatus ... and the BEST part about having a lot of groovy mellow DANCE music on it ... is that it allows me to DANCE when I'm at the top waiting.... Ohyeah.

Finished 2/3 of our 80+ mile loop today. That's ok -- ffiinn HAPPY as can be.
60 Miles
~9,000 + UP
8.5 Hours
No, no camera, no pix, no nutin'

The route:
  • Started at the Ranger Station at BuffCreek
  • Up ShingleMill
  • Up the ColoTrail
  • Tricky way out to Top of the World
  • Down the ColoTrail to the Platte River
  • Climbed up the ColoTrail East from the Platt River
  • Said HI to friends as they were going the opposite way
  • Cleaned 100% of the switchbacks from the river to Leny's
  • Rode our butts off upupup and down and back up to LENNY's Bench
  • Made the Executive Decision to NOT do the Indian Creek Loop as I had wanted (ohwell)
  • Turned around, down-UPUPUP-down the ColoTrail back to the Platte River
  • Up the flippin' ColoTrail climb West ... back to the flippin' top ohmygawd i thought i was going to die
  • But i didn't, and instead, i felt like i ROCKED it and did a little dancing (alone in the woods on top of a mountain) at the top
  • Back along Top of the World
  • Hit the Burn loop
  • Back down the ColoTrail
  • Back down Shinglmill
  • Straight to the car
Play day on such a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

LOVE goes out to Antonious and Raven -- we'll take good care of your people tonight and tomorrow -- I promise. We're sending you heaps of love.

Alright. Time to recover from that hole I just threw myself into!!!!

Everyone: GO PLAY on Sunday.



brg said...

that's one heck of a ride girlie! good job on the switchies - those are fun!

Eszter said...

So when do we get to go do the entire loop?

Dave Harris said...

Sounds like one doozy of a crack attack!

So how ya feeling today?? :-)

JenyJo said...

DH: Actually, my little 10 mile ride felt alright... as long as i kept rolling ;-) stopping caused problems. cleaned some good tech stuff, stayed ahead of the boys.... wondering how tomorrow might feel?

Ez: 2 wks;-) maybe 3 depending upon work schedule + vacation schedule. might be best on a week day?

BRG: i rode those switchies just for you ... my little inspirationbunny.


Pablo said...

Killer ride. I think you'll find the woodland sooper loop to be a bit more to your liking this year.

I'm a Go Fast pusher myself, but a full can at a time always seemed excessive. My trick is to leave it out overnight to decarbonate and split it into two gel flasks.

Eszter said...

I tried mountain biking with an iPod once. I discovered that I don't have enough brain cells to both process music and keep my bike upright. After that, I just kept it around for road rides.

brg said...

heh...glad i could help. ;)

love you girlie!

JenyJo said...

EZ: i've always had a really impossible time riding w/ music...... ed's been trying to get me to use the ipod since i met him ;-) i'm finding that my head seems to have more going on than usual, and it's not HELPING. so... the music went on, and it was a happy surprise.

and, i'm going to swear by mellow... almost ambient dance music. rhythmic, deep, groovy... it got my head more aligned with the energies ... for once. HA!

hope you're recovering well!


$200 Deep Cleaning said...

Hey JJ, I am inspired and impressed by your awesomeness on the bike this year, huge rides everywhere I look! ipods are super fun:-)

Anonymous said...

jj - thanks for all the rain dances - your moves actually worked.