mantra for the day ...

This is what was in the head on the ride today: look up, look out, be on the pony without a single doubt.

heheheheh.... whatever.

From home to the turn off: 59:00 ... ooo... bad juju.
From home to the top: 1:19. Ouch.
For some reason it was a particularly painful 2,200' attitude adjustment today. Maybe it's going to take me a little longer than I thought to recover from Vacation Week ;-)

I was SLOW today!! BUMMER. Ah-well. Fun and special nonetheless.... had angel-kiss rain sprinkles on the way down!!!! And it was COOL and sweet outside! Thank you, Universe.

Saw some guy flying up to the top as I was descending... as I pulled over for him he said: "you look FRESH!!!" All I could think to say was: "yeah, about as fresh as I smell." I hope he knew I was kidding.... Sorta. I think. ;-)

I can't wait to take all my girls up on this loop -- it's not long at all; rather short actually (only about 8 to the top from my house maybe??). But man, it is FUN and I can't seem to get enough of it, even when it hurts. About that, there is absolutely no doubt at all.



Carey said...

8 what?

cynthia said...

8 minutes? ;)

JenyJo said...

DOH! cyn, i emailed carey to chat with her --- it's only 8 MILES (ish) to the top from my house... it's really short, but full of sweet goodness.



Kim said...

You look "Fresh"??? Sounds like someone was trying to get "fresh" with you!

JenyJo said...

HA! Kim -- that is funny --- I didn't even think of that til I got home... he didn't seem the type, tho. He was also hauling A$$ up the hill ;-)

Hope you are doing well!