Friday, May 15, 2009:

Anthony's Memorial Ride-Day!

Thought I'd make a whole day of it and spend as much time outside and on single track as possible.

Started at 8am with JasonB. We had a pristine and heavenly climb up Bergen, gliding through the morning light that blessed a bright and fresh day.

Jason, winding his way up the morning mountain

We took our time and let the light seep into our spirits.

We made it up to the junction of Bergen Peak trail and Too Long trail, and I busted out the thermos and poured the hot coffee (thanks for making the coffee honey)! I raised my cup and toasted to Anthony (in true Ride and Imbibe style).

At the high point of the day. Pony. Trail. Peace. (And Coffee).

After a nice long chat, Jason and I bombed back down Bergen Peak Trail, cruised the paver-connector, and whisked through Didesse...

This is a view of where we would ride to after finishing Bergen

By 1030 we were climbing our way over to Three Sisters. Along the way, we caught up with a few other fun souls who were riding over to the event at the top of Three Sisters.

A view of Evans from Bergen

Once at the top, rolling fast and high, we flew through the bright green fields ... under the bright blue sky, and towards the massive white Evans peak in the background. We rolled right up to the Yeti truck ... as we all always have.

It was just after 11am, and the crowd had formed ... and we set off to climb Evergreen Mountain. The crew took off in fits and starts, and I would wager that everyone made it up that mountain faster and with more energy than ever before.

Moi, courtesy of Ed, climbing up to the top of EM

Once at the top, and once everyone had a beer in hand, we toasted ... and had a moment of silence that will sit with me until the end of time...

And then off we went! I met Liz and Alex and Steve, and we rolled the long way back down to the bottom of Three Sisters. We rode Silver Fox to the 'top', we rolled along the top, and we descended the chunky and gratifying Three Sisters trail back down again .... Cleaning that descent in it's entirety for the first time, hootin' and hollerin' with the girls, it was a fine way to wrap up a day of riding.

I let Liz and Alex roll their way home, and I climbed back up to the top of Three Sisters and re-joined the larger group of loving people.

The afternoon, filled with laughter and tears and food and beer(s) lasted well into the evening.... People shared and talked and met -- and re-met. Anthony touched the deep hearts of so many people... The gathering was such a crossing of so many different circles... Anthony being the connection point in the midst of such diversity. It was lovely to see so many worlds collide on such a beautiful afternoon.

The sun started setting, and people started to drift off, back into their worlds... hopefully to gather much more often, and very, very soon.
Thank you, Anthony... for your Everything.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I wish I was there.

I did ride Fruita this weekend and thought of Anthony often even though I know him only through his images and words. I like to think that I will continue to feel the emotion he could convey every time I see a mountain vista, blooming desert flower, or smiling rider out on the trail!

The Evil MGE! said...

Having just moved to Lakewood in September I never got a chance to meet Anthony. His words and images were always awe inspiring and he will be missed by many.

Joel White said...

Nice to meet you and Ed the other day, and thanks for the tour around. Just wish I had some better legs on Friday, too much travel...

Hope to ride with you guys again.