Talent. Skills. High-rollin' Fun. MtbBrilliance x 7

Sunday's ride was for the seriously skilled and hyper-manic ;-)

We rounded up the ponies for a rock-fest of a jaunt.

Yessir ... they will pummel you into the rocky ground ;-) ...
(click on any pic to view the entire photo album for the day)

Six riders in all, we had the gamut covered in skill, talent and outright mtbBrilliance:

IttyBitty trotting up a mess of a pitch
For Itty's pix, click HERE.

MyssT mastering the tricky bits

SuperCyn, mastermind, skillin' it natural-like

MyssKim in her signature front-wheelie stylee
For MyssKims pix, click HERE.

and most especially, MyssMeg -- the secret, smooth weapon ;-)

MyssJeny, your truly ;-) tryin' to align pony, body and trail...
(photo credit Itty)

We were missing one ghost-ryder, MissM ... who was out gallivanting and showing off on other trails. For MyssM's account of her rock-flingin' experience, click HERE.

Watch out kids...




TVC15 said...

Beautiful shots and fantastic write up! I'm sorry I missed it but look forward to the next opportunity! Awesome!

JenyJo said...

girl. you know were there in spirit, and we were with you in spirit... ;-)


Gary said...

Wow, SEVEN pretty girlz that can ride, all together. I wish I'd been there...

New helmet?

Anonymous said...

Dang...I wished I was Single Again.