nebraska, iowa, wisconsin

it's cold out here.

and the wind is such as i have never known. even coming from boulder.

Meredith: iowa has crazy wind. its nuts. be ready. it's insane. i'm rootin' for ya. ;-) at least it will be warmer when you're here....

frozen air, even on the inside

that black floating chaos ... is a flock of birds. we seem to be crossing a migration of some sort. very beautiful. they MUST be cold. they're flying INTO the wind for some crazy reason.

i mentioned it was icy and windy right?

rest stop.

All of the fields look 110% flooded, and then frozen. seems like fun to go ice skate through the fields. seriously.

just getting into wisconsin

another full day on the road.

why does driving across the county seem so exhausting? i haven't been this tired since... might be the motion sickness. i can't ride as a passenger to save my life, especially in the backseat.

driving was tribute to grandma, who NEVER flew, didn't like to fly, and who hated to travel anywhere but Arizona. her husband, an air force pilot, felt differently. i can't count the times that she drove this very route to be with family.

today will be a big day.



Ed said...

Great pictures! I like the one with the flock of migrating birds, so cool. When I see stuff like that it almost looks like one giant organism undulating its way across the sky.

I hope everything went okay today, it had to be tough.


human being said...

Your photography skills are expanding exponentially.

I really dig frozen fog.

Dave said...

Highly unlikely to be migrating birds, more likely a fairly normal flock of European Starlings. Fucking rats on wings exotics.

We did have a sweet hockey game on the baseball field once when I was growing up. 88', I believe?

Bidelia said...

People should read this.