it's march

so let's see. march has started off with a bang. the last ride of february (last weekend) was lovely, challenging, and ... well, cold. THIS weekend, however: i sported a mighty nice sunburn by 3pm on saturday afternoon. ohhyeah.

waking up sunday morning ...... i think it sounded something like this upon opening the shades to the window: "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

colorado in march. here comes winter!!!

so, pix from the last week or so:

tonka sez: yes, it's my house, i can decorate it however i want.

last weekend we rode a long way around evergreen. i needed more layers than i had. and the wind was slightly demoralizing. but all worth it, right? this is a small stand of water just below the last house i lived in within evergreen before i migrated to summit county after high school.

we rode by my very first school-bus-stop. i remember carrying my bag of crayons and pencils and erasers, standing in this very spot.

darling ... are you having any fun at all? ;-)

this the only pic i'm posting of the brilliant, blissful ride on saturday. it's eds pic, of course, as i felt like travelling light and not carrying a camel back, or anything but water and necessary flat-tools. i think ed was trying to capture the spring melt, the road-side dirty spring snow, the light......... really, it was one of the few times we stopped long enough to take a pic. we had a WONDERFULLY good ride on saturday.

so, while ed takes pix of the pounds and feet of snow outside, i thought i'd take pix of the fire inside ... the one in the house, and the one he lights inside of me ;-)


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FIRE! (insert B&Bhd voice)