ed asked me if i thought our friends thought we were that schmookie kind of couple.

my brow raised ...... 'hell yes.'

it's just so terribly awesome ;-)

just as a note: i'm one hell of a lucky woman.

thank you, ed, for the most wonderful first valentines day ------ and for the 11 months of sunrises leading up to it ;-)


awww.... x2

ed spent the evening showing me how to actually use my cameras secret weapons.

more lessons....

we were seated at the table next to the table we usually sit at (monet). tonight we were dining with (on) klimts KISS. perfecto.

our walk between dinner and the, uh, bar. ;-)

on the walk, the window was very reflective of the inner states.

sitting at the bar, facing all the bottles, with the reflection of the wall and the paintings behind us, we spent most of our time at Blue trying to capture images of this wonderful little environment. ed did better than i did, but i had good ideas ;-)

another image from behind

my spot at the table. i just liked the light
enjoy. (i sure did).


Cellarrat said...


I think i'm gonna be sick ;)

You racing march 1st?

JenyJo said...

i know, dave. i think it's made everyone sick. ed included ;-)

my most sincere apologies. i'll find something else to report/blog about soon, i promise ;-)

um, not sure on the march 1st thing ;-) will have to see closer to the date, but i have a terrible case of spring fever and i might choose to feed it with dirt instead of snow ;-)

good job dave!! way to rock the oppppP!


2 Epic said...

Sick? We think it's sweet :)

JenyJo said...

ahhhhhhhh --- a huge sigh of relief to hear that.

so i'm not crazy then?


i love you guys!


gotdirt said...

"schmookie" indeed...

11 months??

21 (happy) years here baby!


JenyJo said...

hey! yes, 11 months! we all have to start somewhere, right?

congrats on 21 years! that is BEAUTIFUL.


johng said...

dumkopf??? what about the smooth sexy legs....? I like to think it's aero efficent!