ball of wire

  • first: go see the youtoobe links on ed's site. my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. (well, he'll get them posted at some point).
  • second: we set out for a ride today in the blazing sun. not-so blazing saddles pace, but what is one to do, eh?
  • small ride today: 17 miles. mild pace. 1,800' vert. tomorrow we're commited to a solid 6 hour saddle fest.
  • in truth, i wish it was hot outside. i wish the trails were dry. i wish i were riding trails. but alas ... i'll have to wait. and ride. and wait. and maybe ski a lot more.
siiigggghhh.... we certainly are a spoiled bunch, no?
layering up!

taking note of the 11 years put on these one pair of sidis. can that possibly be right? 2 yrs as a courrier downtown, and the rest dirt, road, rain, snow, sun, sweat. i think i've even worn them around the house on occasion. it might be time for a new pair of slippers ;-)

this is the BEFORE picture (before our ride today)... guess what i did! with the help of icegeek, i installed a new hanger, new rear der., new cable and housing. (remember, i broke it 2 weekends ago in leadvegas.) and it shifts like a DREAM straight out of the gate. booyah!!! thanks, ice-baby!

during our ride today. this is the only pic i stopped to take. i will have to learn to stop to take pix. or i'm never going to use the camera as intended ... ;-)

this would be the AFTER picture. nice ride + dirty gear + sexy ed legs. mmmm. what more could i ask for?

another close up of the aftermath. why am i posting these pictures? i have no idea. apologies.

um. blush. more.

at least this one has some mixed content ;-)

Left Over Birthday Pix
I never posted these, but really wanted to.

birthday girl + her beau + her roomie and the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ice cream cake that roomie (hillarrryyyy) made.

the cake. yes, i kept all the dinos.

all my fabulous people (can you tell how much they are looking forward to the cake). yeah.

jean, skybunny, and jeny -- in Aspen at jean's for the pre-birthday weekend AspenHighlands power-ski fest.

jeny working out some of the kinks acquired from the 2nd big day on the big hil.

jeny getting into the cake.

um. some random shot. just to prove that i can focus on one thing at a time. well... sometimes.

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Manny said...

Looks like you had a blast! It's great that your friends took the time to celebrate your birthday with you.