yesterdays rest day

so wednesdays 'lite' rest day turned into an adventure with veronica up and over gothic road... where we parked just a short ways down. we then hiked the 3+ miles all the way DOWN the steep road(which meant an incredible hike back UP)to the old townsite of Crystal... and then onto the old Crystal Mill. MInd you, Veronica is DUE at the end of September....... she is awesome!!

TOdays ride: tony's to uper loop to something else to brush creek road..... to strand to deer creek and hopefully also to snodgrass.

too much fun indeed.

i'm still working with the pics.... as in, they're too big for this slow-a$$ computer.... argh!

it's cool in CB today. nice cloud cover and it rained a bit last night. this will be GOOD for the otherwise dusty trails!


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