i wanted to write about another one of my rides in cb. i don' t know which one to pick tho (lucky me).

my experience at work today went something like this: focus-focus-focus (5 minutes), type, focus-focus (2 minutes), transported Psyche and spirit climbing kebler pass to hit the dyke trail. wondering how i can keep this pace up this lovely dirt road to get some of that good stuff i'm so hungry for. absolutely ROOOLLLIIN'!. oh, um, focus-focus-focus (3 minutes) type type type, focus (1 minute), re-breathing the moment of pause at the tip of the dyke trail; soaking in the coolness as is breezes right through me. it's so still and so cool and so quiet. i can hear and feel my heart beating.

ohyeah. focus focus. type focus. damn the trail is like petrified mud bumps and moonscapes. um, focus type type. whack-thwat, the over-grown GREEN and flowery things slapping my arms through the forest and meadows. damn, moving too fast, better keep it in check! feeling clumbsy on the bike and man this is so funny!

phone call. um, who? uh, sure. i'll take care of it in a minute.

and ooooooooooohhhhhh the lush brush of green and color just dense and rich and deep ..... wham! striking the wicked little descents into the streams - SPLASH- and the numb burn of the power-steeps out. note to self: do not eat-it going into one of those things. look ahead. let the bike take it. type type type type type.

you need this document by when? oh, sure. no problem (what IS this person talking about?)

yeeeah. where was i? read read email read type type read focus. these power climbs are so hard when my legs are so tired from the other ride. lots of trees down. this will make the racers wonder. damn there are a lot of bugs ... biting me. they must like my sweat. or is the the wool jersey? or the combination? omg, i have to make it up that!!!! yeeehaw... this is why i ride a pony!

ARGH: focus. focus. focus. F O C U S.

ssllliiideeee ... almost missed the tuuuurrrrn, moving too fast, enjoying too much and smiling too hard ripping thru the somewhat softer, darker, happier dirt. phew. corner corner the aspens are SO TALL! don't look up. look out. never mind the snot. it's steep, and powdery, and freaking phenomenal. and gosh, i'm kinda tired.

type type.

tired. tired. focus. type type type type type. send email. type. focus.

i forgot about that climb back up kebler. ughtype. focus. just one pedal stroke at a time. one pedal stroke at a tiiimmmmeeee.... one more pedal stroke at a time.... my heart beat feels deep, and Good.

tyippity typte type focus sort of focus ...... focust type read send email type type read focus.

good. road is done. now: new single track is alwasy good. no matter what state you're in. take it. take it! it's fast. it's bumpy (still) won't be for long, above the road. wonder how far down this goes. it should go all the way back into town. DOH! missed the corner. off the bike. back up onto the track.

type type focus. phone. igonore it. focus.

this last part is just too giggly fun. beats the hell out of going down a dirt road. stream. rocks. very loose rocks. watch it. steep switches back down to the road. that didn't suck one bit at all. i'm dirty! where are all the people?

type. type......... typppppeeeeee..... focus. a little. close the door to the office.

favorite thing to do after a good ride: lie down and soak it all back in. preferably bordering on a nap. on the porch of this fine sweet home. in the middle of cb. my spirit place.



Jill said...

Ha! I have the same problem at work, too. Only every halfway there.

I guess this is a chronic problem of those of us who work to live, not live to work.

Ed said...

LOL! I love the story Jen. And I know exactly where this is and I did exactly that for just a moment or two; wonder?

"...lots of trees down. this will make the racers wonder...."


Dave said...

Sounds like a fine day at the office...