The energy these last few weeks has been off the hook.
And by off the hook, I mean: absolutely NUTTY.
New Bike (OMFG)
New Kitten (AWWWMFG)
Big Work.
Big Desires.
Big Big.

First mustang ride.

I haven't been able to get the following words out of my mind for the last 2 weeks:
Psychic Energy.
It's been ALL over the place. Wild with lack of focus...

The only constant: my new Mustang.

In fact... I dare say it's been downright...... chaotic.
Who has Chaotic Pyschic Energy?
Who admits to it?


Kitten is still nameless -- any suggestions? He is kind of like a Dragon ;)

I don't like it.
And I've been trying to corral that energy -- and ground that energy. Simplify. Earth it.


I've found one sense of solace in ... duh ... riding.
Throwing myself at all of the usual haunts.
Finding my suffer and flow to be the focus I need and crave.


In it.

Finding Flow. Grace. Finesse.

But today ... today... that Psychic Energy turned into something SO much more aligned with my heart and nature and soul. Today the Psychic Energy turned into just Pure Deep Energy.

Pure. Simple. Grounded. Strong.
And just SO deeply Good Natured.

And I'm am so deeply grateful.

Thank you, Carey.
Thank you, Dave.
Thank you Joey.
Thank you, Stephen.
Thank you, Craig.

And thank you, Mike -- the new Mustang and I are getting along juuuuust *brilliantly*.

I feel much more at home and at peace now.

NOW it is time to RIDE!!!!



Carey Alina said...

It's important to get that feeling of being grounded even if it's just fleeting, because I suppose it's all just fleeting.
You're a good soul!

T-Race said...

Amazing JJ! thanks for the lift and smile! RIDE ON!!