losing the blogging battle, that is.

i had a spring break this year.
a much needed respite from the concrete and computer chaos that is the center of my current life focus.
oh.... and a break out from REEEECOOOVVEEERRRRRYYYYYY.... which i'm just SO FFING OVER.

THANK YOU EZ and SCOTT for hosting a magnificent spring break. i forgot what those were all about :)

I will start with just a few pix from ... well ... random land. I'll save others and try and become a regular picture-posting mtb ADDICT again. Try.Try.Try.

This is beauty. All lovable.

I arrived in AZ on a PLANE with a massive Pony Box -- thanks to Ez.
We went straight to dinner (Tacos) with Scott. Not his usual tacos, but I thought they were fucking perfect.
AND, we could walk around at night in SHORTS. My jeans and boost were....... uhm.... sweaty.

Ez, taking a moment. To ponder. AZT MADNESS.

Day 1 found us out on a big loop of singletrack.
I've not been able to ride single track since December 8th.
Knee recovery is ... not finished. But AZ Sunshine Dirt was a spiritual MUST. So. It happened.


Our ride was awful. Can't you tell?

This part was fun. But not as fun as it could have been were it not for it being DAY FFING ONE of singletrack. BAH.

Lost. Jeny

Happiness Found
 I miss riding with my friend. A LOT.

Day 1 was perfect. A perfect THOROUGH reintroduction to my singletrack self, my pony, my friends, the sunshine, dirt ... sweat. OMFG. It was IN MY VEINS and on my skin and swirling around with my spirit.


Days 2, 3, 4 + to come....


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ScottM said...

Oh yes the blog is back. Love it.

More please! The blogging, and the riding -- desert or otherwise!

So glad you made the trip down!