lift!-lift! m'fer

ride date yesterday was sincerely uplifting. thanks, M.

i know we only planned on riding about 1/2 a mile to the bar -- but ended up with a solid loop of chunk... before we hit the bar.

i am grateful for every last second. i was dark. you made me light, m'fucker!

and the boys thought this was "unrideable" in this up direction... HA! so cute of them to worry.


everybody go play on the rocks and roll around on some superfine DIRT. bring your ponies.



Anonymous said...

JJ! Comment of the YEAR "...HA so cute of them to worry" Bwah ah ah ha!!!! Gold! Lift LIFT..... you lifted me today from way oér there! Going to play on rocks....as you request Lightness and Hawtness.

Miff ;-X

Anonymous said...

LIFT LIFT, LOOK UP!! -- and always always always steer clear of questionably working elevators *especially* when you've got a perfect post ride buzz going. ;) THANK YOU SWEETNESS! i'm still flying from that ride! -- myb

Laidlaw said...

Haha, no lie- I had friends in from out of town and took them on a hike over there on Tuesday night. Early on, I told them that I usually rode my bike around that loop. When we got to that very spot, they were like "you ride THIS?" and I was like, "well, not this part..." lol


EmS said...

Bonus points for a great picture of the roadcut on the hogback!

Buzz said...

Perhaps one day when my stars cross we might meet on some delicious single track somewhere. Maybe you will be hanging with the space angel M or L or E? I will probably pass out if this happens. If you are unable to resuscitate me old bones do not fret for I will have passed on in complete and total BLISS.