not lost...

... just trying to play outside between uber-focused, hyper-OCD work mode. It's a whole new thing for me. Totally and utterly consuming. Potential-chasing type of hardwork. Wrroowwwrr.... FSSSKKK!!!!

And I've been hitting a whole new STRIDE.

More, more, and more, to come. Meanwhile, more pix.

Ed and I have been out exploring new areas in old, unrideable haunts. OMG, the places we've never been! (and will be frequenting more often... now that we *know*).

Total Kitty Condoland.

We've also been TRYING to log some miles.... Ed more successfully than I. But, I'll put in the good effort when I'm not face-locked with my work monitors!

A nice calm moment before the climbing storm. I felt so goooooodddd to start.

TippityToppity!  Well, false tippity. But still, the view inspires and giddifies!!!

Aaaaahhhhh..... home sweet home.

Mile 35ish. This is where Ed dropped me. Like a sack of Bricks. Hello? Legs? Don't feel like keeping that crazy mf'n powerspinn going?  No? Don't feel like chasing a SSer riding a 34x14... while in your big ring? What? You can't keep up with that?  No. No legs.... No I cannot.

The ponies were all laughing at me while Ed just pulled away with ease, looking back at me, wondering WTF is wrong with HER???

Other beautiful meanderings in the snowy woods.

From 02.11-12.12

... and I guess for right now, that's all I've got ;)

Happy Play everyone!!!



Ed said...

Some lovely pictures!!

Those hikes and rides were wonderful, more please!!



Anonymous said...

ditto on the hyper-OCD work mode - it's time to break the mold.

cheers :)

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