Giggle Report #1

it's been a wildly playFULL summer.

one of the absolute brightest in memory.

days on end of just playFULL

i can't find the beginning of the summer story

and so i'll just throw it all out there

one bliss-moment at a time

because, you know...

when you spend all your time, deeply within each moment

they tend to last forever



ssportsman said...

incredible use of your video cam! absolutely incredible.



Anonymous said...

The Giggle Report.....moments definitely deeply to be and stay in.....and I had a giggle at the JJ hand and Ed butt shadow moment.....lurve ettttttttt! You sure know how to put the play in playFULLness .....you wear it well!

Miff ;-x
Signing off still....giggling!!!

Buzz said...

Second photo...the *speed* of light! wow!

Unreal stuff and I agree, very innovative use of the little came.

Jenny visions rules!


chris said...

love the new avenue of your images with the POV. I think some of your images have a potential to be published.

Juancho said...

I was right there with you this summer. Thanks.

JenyJo said...

aw, thanks buzzy,sportty,mifffy, and chrissy!

juancho: i'm failing at flinging the summer words out with all the summer pix. 300000000 pix. all silent and sitting there waiting for the flow and go and slap of the words -- like yours... your words get it right every.single.time.

more to come.



Juancho said...

Thanks JJ. Just don't hold back. Say the things that scare you the most to share.

Contact us... said...
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RedRockChica said...

Keep it coming! Fantastic photos and words!! :-)