yogi reflections

I'm going to interrupt the As the Beautiful World Turns series of posts and stories for a brief reflection.

But first, a gratuitous pony shot... she's becoming the Tiny Dancer ;-)

My wandering, funny thought:

So I'm in yoga the other day.

Specifically, I'm in downward-dog, as much as my hips allow me to be in downward-dog. I'm all stretched out, sweating like MAD, shoulders pulled and head relaxed.

I'm staring at my knees and I find myself thinking...

WTF. I used to have really sexy knees.... now they just look beat to hell.

And I continue thinking to myself... why on earth would that be?

Yesterday, I finally put it all together. This is why:

Yup. I have a penchant for liking rock funk, uphill.

And liking such silly things, I find that I slam my knees into hard things ON my bike, like I almost do here:

photo credit: Michelle

I woke up thinking about this so much, in fact, that I woke up this morning with one thought: Up is the new Down! OH yes indeedy!!!

But anyway. Michelle and I met up for another Raucous Rock Date. I'm really lovin' these outings!

Michelle has such grace!

whereas, jj has ... to just LAUGH!


I have a lot more pix, and a few more words in regard to riding this hill in this direction.

I think I've found my new Funk Focus. What a great way to school yourself over and over and over again.


Such Bliss.

Alright SpaceFans... time for WORKEY!



Dave Byers said...

Tiny Dancer...Love it.

JenyJo said...

yup... tiny dancer...

it came to me in the middle of a rock field ;-)

teehheee.... maybe swing thru here on yer way home, eh???? we could go out 'dancin' with the ponies!!



TVC15 said...

Marilyn. ;)

Anonymous said...

The Rock-ets of the front range

Ez said...


Anonymous said...

hey, scared knees on girls are ultra sexy!!!!
but only if they are from riding bikes.

liz said...

I want to ride with the cool kids!

Primate PANZER said...


Jamie said...

Amazing! Where is this?

ssportsman said...

most of the scars on my very scarred legs have resulted from mishaps while climbing