(This was a picture from the KOKO pre-ride days...... I just like it. I have no other pix for today, so I will post this one;-))


My ride/date/bbq/awards night was fabulous.

Walker Loop is about the shortest thing around, but man, it is really FUN. Ups, downs, rocks, rivers, views, forests, meadows, long staircases molded into the side of the steep hillside ...... there is really no section of this loop that I don't like.

And, I've not ridden it in ... well, too long. In fact, I think the last time I rode it was as the 'super loop' version back in, oh.... OMG: April 16, 2006... with CYN. I should have taken a picture yesterday of one of my favorite spots (like I could pick one).

Anyway. Short at it was, it was titillatingly fun. Not quite enough to get warmed up, but good enough for a tease and some super satisfying tree, evening sunlight, nice tacky trail time. Oooo-la!-la!

The party was a blast. I've not seen so many people in far too long. It was good to reconnect. It re-inspired me towards the XC scene. Just some Fun Folk.

It is my pleasure to announce to the world that Cynthia Ferrer is Boulder's Ambassador to Mountain Biking. That was her award ... in addition to: Best Dressed Crit Racer ;-) Plaid skirts go a long way. Perhaps I should invest in one?

This year I received the High Mileage Award. Ed received the Extra High Mileage award... And, I think he also sort of received the "Thank God Ed Is Here Award", as Cyn didn't seem to want to put on the same kind of miles ... in the same kind of manner (I usually ride with Cyn quite a lot over a season. This year has been a bit of a different story ...... she's been out hammering on the poor XC gearie girls while on her sexy super SS.... I've been out in the middle of nowhere, riding around in bliss ... and lovin' it!)

In truth, the High Milage Awards go out to: Lynda, Dave H. Fred, JayP, Matthew Lee, and Jill. I ain't done nuthin'. There are more, and I know you're out there....... OMG you are so out there ;-)

In fact, it's occurred to me (thanks Ed) that I have pretty much spent the last 6 (SIX) months of weekends on NEW trails (for me). Most people might not find this to particularly interesting or fascinating, but really: I've lived here my whole life. So.

So. You all know how much fun it is to be on new trail.

I've heard a few people mention the word Fall. The day it stops getting over 70 here, will be a day I fall to my knees and thank the Universe for ... well, for Fall. (It's been in the 90's for what seems like months.. although I'm sure it's only been a month... a month too long. 90's + ... WTF?)

Jill, you mention that the temperature when you started your ride was 54? Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Ok. I'm yammering.

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Jill said...

54, yes, but the rain makes it feel like it's at least 30.