this is what the pony does when i'm not out on the trail, riding.

sick again, and feeling the frustration of inexplicable disorientation.


wednesday's work day was miraculously stolen away by a power outage. a free day off work? noooooo??? ohyeah.... bolted as quickly as i could (before the power came back on), and b-lined it to evergreen.

options at that point: ride or hike. chose to hike due to 'funny feeling' in my throat and chest .... that decision proved wise as i found myself with a major energy deficit, as opposed to a rich, full energy surplus. very frustrating.

the hike, however, was brilliant. yet again on a new trail in my old home town. imagine that. yes, ed was guide once again. we covered a good 11 miles total. unfortunately, we were denied a longer hike due to SNOW. yes kids, SNOW completely obliterating the trail, and all possible foray's around the trail. i'm sure ed has pix somewhere and will post them one day, on way or another.

the funny thing about this trail, and this area, is that i used to frequent the area somewhere around there as a child. and by child, i mean ages 7 to 10. we used to go there and play in the river/stream and slide down the rocks. we had the place to ourselves. i can't seem to find that place again. i know it's there, somewhere ... probably as someones back yard. lucky them.

perfect way to spend a surprise day off work!

the lack of energy, however, seems to be taking control, and i find myself not really knowing how to deal or heal or otherwise get myself healthy. i'm stymied. (i think that's a word).

the tree image is just an image that inspired something creative. watch for it in the coming months... pending time to sit with constructive tools, mediums and color. to me, it looks like it's bleeding.

entering the forest
of memories
images bouncing forward
and behind again

following the path
both guided and lost
crossing boundaries
of someone elses land

walking with words
breathing in silence
finding the rhythm
of our cadence

being at once
inside and out
reflecting images of joy
and essence

rock. snow. pine.


Anonymous said...

JenyJo: I'm a good friend of Dave Byers' up here in Driggs, ID. Your entries about the persistent fatigue/lack of energy you've been experiencing struck a cord. Kind of a long post here, but I experienced nearly identical symptoms last fall and think my findings might help you. I've been riding aggressively for 15+ yrs. and am a fitness nut, but I had never done endurance races until last summer. After completing the Laramie Enduro in late July, and the Park City E-100 (50-mile) in late August, I was hit with a doozy of a virus. Two weeks+ of coughing, aching & hacking...then week after week of horrible fatigue. Zero energy; literally felt like I was dying. I finally went in for blood tests, which ultimately revealed low (hypo) thyroid. I am now on Levothyroxine medication, and back to near-normal...but realizing I may never quite have the "zip" I did in the past. Whether my hypothyroid condition existed before the endurance races is impossible to say, but I think it's more than coincidence. So, considering your symptoms and how long you've been battling this: go get some blood tests done, a.s.a.p. Hopefully they will reveal something, and you can return to that energetic lifestyle soon. Respectfully,

- Rick LaBelle

LyndaW said...

I'm on Synthroid and I've got plenty of zip. I had no zip on Levoxyl...

JenyJo said...

Hey there, Rick. Not sure if you'll get this (no way to send a PM, and who knows if you'll revisit these comments).......

But THANK YOU for the huge 'heads up.' I actually called the dr. today to verify test results I had done about 4-5 months ago. Seems OK.... But who knows.

I truly can't thank you enough for reminding me that THAT is something I should pay attention to. Unfortunately, I think I've been dealing w/ a major bout of fatigue for ... well over a year, believe it or not. The conversation with the Dr. today proved positive tho, and I know to keep mind of it.

I hope you are feeling WELL and out riding and finding ZIP from deep within.

Jeny Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi ya,

Checked back just in case, good to hear the thyroid thing is in order, drag to hear you've been fatigued for over a year (yikes!). Have you explored the possibility of Addison's disease? A local triathlete gal here in Driggs deals with that, similar symptoms. Also: hypoglycemia can be a culprit, or just chronic fatigue...I also know a local trainer who thinks extreme athletes (us?) can benefit from injections of B-vitamins every so often. So much to think about, makes you just wanna go ride your bike doesn't it? ;-)

My email: RUlabelle@aol.com


- Rick