as my father always says: we're off, like a herd of turtles!
packed and ready to roll.

FFTF, here we come.

Midnight Ride, here we come.

100 miles of dirt, here we come.

SUNRISE on a mesa in the middle of nowhere, breathing: HERE I COME (i am so insanely looking forward to this moment).
however, why am i so deeply looking forward to my saturday afternoon NAP? because it will mean that i've done what i wanted to do, that i've followed my bliss in the manner that satisfies every part of me. pending weirdo muscle complications: it will be divine. hard, but divine.

I heard from a friend today in response to an email i sent her earlier. i described my surroundings, my cat, my coffee, my internal state (see yesterdays post). her reply: Reflection. Same external state. Same internal state. Brings to mind the law of attraction: that which is like unto itself is drawn. It makes me think about my group of friends and how much we are all reflections of one another. We are in proximity for a reason, i think ... or, i would like to think.

i have to run! i mean, i have to ride!!! MUST RIDE!

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